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About Us

Angels Rescuing Kritters is a non-profit 501(c)3 animal foundation located in Weimar, California. We have been in operation since 2002. We started trapping feral cats that were dumped at our local grocery store where the owners gave us permission to spay/neuter and release. Many of them are still there 11 years later because the whole town of Weimar stepped up to help. They continue to feed and help us care for the colony. We then started helping the public and expanded to rescuing dogs and horses. ARKhas partnered with our County's Animal Control to become a No-Kill County while collaborating with other rescues to eventually become a No-Kill Nation. We assist Placer County Animal Services with adoptions of cats, dogs and horses. We rely on donations from the public, adoption fees, and fund raisers to survive financially, but our volunteers are the heart of the organization.

Our Featured Angel

Vivian Morgan - Click to enlarge Vivian Morgan, Board Member/Neo-Natal Coordinator

Vivian has saved more animal's lives than anyone could possibly count. Bless Vivian for being an angel to so many helpless animals. Vivian has dedictated over 30 years of her life to saving animals. Her knowledge and commitment is undeniable. We at ARK are all so excited she came on board last year in 2013. Vivian runs our Petco adoption fairs and places many of our homeless animals in good loving homes.

Our Angels

Liza Barron - Click to enlarge Liza Barron, Volunteer Coordinator, Sunday Cat Cleaner

Liza is a full time nursing student, who first volunteered with ARK in high school as part of her senior project. Part of her project was a paper on the importance of spaying and neutering, the research made a deep impression on Liza. Over time Liza's "job" has changed to fit the time she has available. Liza also painted a beautiful mural in the cat room.  Liza has been dependable and a pleasure to have as an angel.

 "I will keep volunteering because of the cats and the friendships I've made," said Liza. "And its really cool to watch the rescue evolve."

Suzy Bayne - Click to enlarge Suzy Bayne, Founder, President, cat box cleaner, dog walker, Vet.Tech

For more than ten years Suzy (Angel #2) has devoted all her time to rescuing animals. It has always been her calling. As a child Suzy rescued just about anything. Her Grandmother had a rescue in Daly City, her mom fed strays in her home town and her cousin Al Wolfe currently has Sonoma County Reptile Rescue. It truly runs through her blood to rescue animals. She is committed to leaving a legacy of angels that will continue her mission to end animal cruelty and run an innovative, state of the arts rescue where all animals will be safe. A place where laws are made to protect and honor our furry and not so furry friends. A place that believes in the spirit of animals.

Kristi Hensley - Click to enlarge Kristi Hensley, Transporter

Kristi and Suzy have known each other since “83”.  Kristi offered to help with cat adoptions at the local flea market. Over time Kristi began transporting animals to the spay /neuter clinic and now regularly transports up to twice a week.  Kristi is so sweet and has so much compassion for the animals.  Her cool and mellow personality is a favorite at ARK with the animals. Kristi is an Angel that floats in our rescue and touches the animals with the tender care only a sweet Angel can. She's always smiling and very is a very gentle soul.

Lori King-McKellepp - Click to enlarge Lori King-McKellepp, Volunteer, Board Member

Hi I am Lori King-McKellepp, Angel #4 and Board Member.  I have been with Angel's Rescuing Kritters since 2003.  I have spent my entire life surrounded by animals.  I have volunteered beside my Aunt, Suzy Bayne, Co-Founder/President, for nearly 7 years.  "My insane passion is for the feral cats.  I am also a pushover for the underdog."  "Animal rescue runs in our blood and has for generations!"  "We couldn't get away from it if we wanted to, it follows us!"  It is definitely our calling and there is nothing better than saving a life. It is our love for all of God's creations that keeps us going.  Noah started it with the ARK and we will continue it!

Sylvia Spencer - Click to enlarge Sylvia Spencer, Vice President

Sylvia lives near the rescue and was introduced to Suzy, Angel #2 through Jeannie Spencer, ARK's agent about a year ago.  Sylvia now pretty much runs the cat room and is most our devoted angel in the cat room.  She comes twice a week and runs the show when Suzy's away.  She helps at every event and keeps things in tip top shape.  She has an incredible knack for cleaning and she truly cares about every kitty at the rescue.  Sylvia earned her wings the minute she came on board.

Eddie Bayne - Click to enlarge Eddie Bayne, Dog Walker, Volunteer and supporter

Eddie Bayne is husband of Co-Founder, President, Suzy Bayne.  And in case your wondering is also Angel #1.  Eddie was the financial support in the beginning and the back bone of Angels Rescuing Kritters.  Married to Suzy for 14 years, 10 of which has been running a animal rescue from home.  Eddie's been known to nurse sick kittens and goes on rescues to assist Suzy.  They make a great team!

Paula Mooney - Click to enlarge Paula Mooney, Office Manager

Paula became a fan of ARK after adopting two cats and three dogs. She handles the office and helps with the web site.