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All ARK cats are spayed/neutered, FIV/FeLV negative, with current vaccinations.

For more details about a cat, click on his/her image, below. You might want to read about how to adopt a cat from Angels Rescuing Kritters first.

Show Me:

Blackie: I'm cuter than my brother...shhh don't tell him!


Blackie and her siblings were found on a ranch after their mama became ill and quit caring for the whole litter. She was barely 6 weeks old when we took her in and was acting so grownup, eating what the big kitty's eat. She's a sweet little girl who loves to play with her toys! She is very cat social. Blackie has a brother named Shadow who is almost her twin! The two of them together would bring any home lots of love and laughter.



Very easy going, likes attention around dinner time but very content to just chill in the yard most days.

Max has been an outdoor cat for about 5 years now. He occasionally hunts but does rely on humans for most of his food needs. We had to move from a home to an apartment last year. He's been temporarily at a foster home but is looking for a full time home where he can relax under some bushes in the yard or sun himself out in the open but still get love and attention every now & again. He's a great outdoor cat!

He gets along great with adults and children. Sometimes he doesn't like other cats. He's not usually too intimidated by dogs but will try to stay out of their way. He hasn't used an indoor litter box in quite a while as he prefers to stay outside. He does come in occasionally to snuggle if you let him but is content to just have a yard to relax in! He's great at purring!

No special needs, he's a pretty self sufficient independent kitty. He just needs a yard and some understanding owners who let him be free to be outside.

Mufasa: My entire pride looks up to me...


Oh my goodness Mufasa is such a lover! Right after he was trapped I was able to handle him and let me tell you the purring began! Since I met him I could see how the "pride" looked up to him! He has a calm prescence and loves to play with toys and his brother. He is very cat social and would be a great addition to any family. This sweet Orange Tabby has orange/cream stripes and amber eyes. It's hard to believe he was living behind a commercial business under some pallets. There was a nice man that works there that fed him and his family daily. Mufasa has a brother named Timon who is also a sweet little boy! The two brothers would be a purrfect addition to any home!

Patches: This is my baby picture...


Patches is a sweet little kitty with the most amazing markings. They are too unique to describe! She is a gorgeous medium hair tabby that has patches of black on white. She loves to play in the laundry room, jumping in and out of my clothes baskets. She was an orphan found on a ranch and quickly adopted her new siblings, a litter of 5 that came in 3 days before her from the same ranch. Maybe she's the 6th missing sibling? She will make a purrfect playful loving addition to any families home!

Scout: Hi I'm Scout, whatcha doing?


Scout was the runt of a litter rescued at about 6 weeks old. His feral mama had quit caring for him and his siblings. All the kittens had to be bathed upon intake because they were flea infested! They were already acting so grown up, eating kibble and loving the canned food! At only 6 weeks they were all showing their independence. Although Scout started as the "under-cat" he is no longer the "runt". At the time of his neuter appointment he weighed in a 7 pounds, at only 5 months old! He is a big fluffy playful lovey dovey. Some say he sports a Hitler mustache? He has 1 adorable black toe on one of his front paws, his markings are definitely unique and handsome! Scout will bring plenty of love and laughter to any home. He'd be a great addition to any family, especially a home with children...

Waldo: Don't I have the cutest nose ever!?


Waldo is named after a character from an old western tv sitcom called The Big Valley. Waldo Defendorfer was a character traveling through town with his pet donkey. All my life my own Dad referred to someone named Waldo Defendorfer...it wasn't until after my Dad's passing that my Mom and I were watching The Big Valley; and there he was, Waldo Defendorfer in the flesh!? We both began to laugh! All these years we thought it was someone silly that Dad made up!? I have to admit most of the time I am saying, "Where's Waldo?" LOL Waldo is a sweet playful boy that has a bit of a shy side. He is in no way aggressive, just very unsure. Once he establishes trust he will begin to follow you room to room rubbing on your legs. He especially likes to give affection while I'm scooping litter boxes? Maybe he's thankful!? LOL Waldo is such a gorgeous handsome boy too! I think his pictures reflect that. Will you find Waldo and make him part of your family?

Questions? Email adoptions@angelsrescuingkritters.com

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