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Angels Rescuing Kritters is now serving Placer County Animal Services In Auburn, California 95603

We post animals on our web site that are in foster and available through ARK.

We will be posting animals that are located at the shelter in Auburn. Please read the description of the animal to see if animal is as the shelter as it will be stated there. 

You can visit the Placer County Shelter at 11251 B Street Auburn, California 95603

Shelter Hours: Tues-Saturday 10-4, closed for lunch from 1-2. 

Margo is doing excellent. She now rides in the car with us and is connected with both of us. She follows Marty around the kitchen and she constantly gets up  to nuzzle  her snout up to me while I sit on the couch nearby. What a baby!!! 

Of course, dad tucks her in every night.

She loves her new backyard, goes potty without prompting. 
She does need some leash training and we are working on 
that as we take our long walks(1-2 miles) on a regular basis. 
We may need to get some obedience training for this one.
Margo is  a very sweet girl and is already part of our family.
Thank You,
Patrick Scott



Just wanted to send an update on my best buddy. George Clooney is very, very, VERY active and growing.
 He is happy and healthy and we love having him here. He also loves the lady cats in the neighborhood that visit our deck each day.
This picture was taken 11/09/2010.

Take care,

Rose Roth

Femur aka George Clooney 11 10

Christine Bonora drove from Southern California to Weimar last week to adopt Tiny Dancer, a 10-year-old blind Pomeranian/Terrier.

Tiny Dancer’s previous owner had been attempting to find a new home for her companion of eight years when she turned to Suzy Bayne, founder of Angels Rescuing Kritters, a non-profit rescue and shelter program based in Weimar.

When Bayne posted the dog’s story on her website, she described meeting the dog and his owner.

“He broke my heart today when his mama sang (Elton John’s) ‘Tiny Dancer’ and he danced in circles,” Bayne wrote.

In Irvine, Diane Harris saw the post on Facebook and forwarded it to Bonora, along with a birthday wish.

“Christine immediately said she wanted Tiny,” said Harris, “She never wavered in her plans to pursue adoption of Tiny, not once.”

Bonora immediately contacted Bayne and began making arrangements to adopt the little dog.

She arranged for time off from her job at UC Irvine and drove 460 miles to collect the dog.

The following day, she met with Bayne and Tiny’s former owner at an Auburn restaurant.

“She was losing her companion of eight years,” Bonora said. “I promised her I was going to move mountains to have his (cataracts) corrected.”

While at Sweetpea’s, Bonora told the restaurant owner that she was adopting a blind dog.

Apparently, the business owner had been following the story of Tiny Dancer online and was glad to hear a happy ending. She treated Bonora to breakfast.

“He has a heart so full of love and so much energy and a spirit full of adventure,” Bonora said of her new companion.

Back in Southern California, Charlie, Bonora’s 1-year-old cat, welcomed Tiny Dancer into the household.

“Needless to say, last night both of my pets slept in bed with me, one on each side, just the way it was meant to be,” she continued.

Bonara has scheduled an appointment with a veterinarian to discuss possible cataract surgery for Tiny Dancer.

And she’s grateful to the Weimar rescue program.

“I can’t say enough about Angels Rescuing Kritters,” said Bonora. “Suzy loves all of her little kritters and wants the best for them. She puts all of her soul and money into this mission of hers. If I lived in the area, I would be one of her most faithful volunteers.”






Hi Sylvia,
I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Antonio is everything you said he was and more.  He is quite the self-assured boy and I love it!  We are all learning about each other right now and trying to adjust to each other.  He is absolutely beautiful and nothing seems to bother him.  He can teach me a lot.  I will keep you posted as the week progresses and will try to get some pictures to you.  Thank you so much for waiting until I could come up and get him and for taking such good care of him so he could have a new home.  You are a very special lady.

Hi Suzy- We've had Petey a little bit more than 2 weeks now. As Sylvia can attest, he wanted nothing to do with us when we drove out to see him. I was a bit discouraged, as he wriggled away and didn't pay any attention to him, but I could not resist how beautiful he was, so we decided to take a chance and adopt him. He was very good on the car ride home.
His personality has really started to come out. Once we got him home, he became much more affectionate, even clingy. But he's so darn cute. He has put on some needed weight (he was only 2.2 lbs). We had a rather successful introduction to our 105lb lab, Dillon, over the past few weeks. They don't fight or hiss, but they're not bosom buddies yet. We're glad Petey had exposure to dogs, bec he isn't intimidated by the dog at all. He loves playing with Dillon's tail, Dillon not being sure what to make of it. We have been keeping Petey in our guest room during the day and letting him roam the house in the evenings when we are at home. He gets kinda wild in the evenings..as most kittens do... he is running around like a tasmanian devil everywhere. He loves to explore and we have a big house to do it. He faux attacks/pounces when he's all hyped up. But I've had kittens before so I know this behavior is temporary...I hope. Petey discovered Dillon's dog door. He loves our overgrown backyard. He's very interested in the birds, but fortunately we don't have trees in our yard for him to catch them. I have an appt tomorrow to get him chipped in case he gets out and lost. We have a fenced backyard, but you know it's no match for a cat. I've been working with him to show him how to get back in the house using the dog door. (it's a bit high off the ground to give our big chocolate lab some clearance space). We'll see how it goes on that front.
So, all in all, it's been quite a hectic few weeks...but Petey is adorable and we are giving him the best home we can. My partner says that in his next life, he'd like to come back as a gay man's pet. Haha. So thank you again. It made the drive all the way out there worth it to come home with such a cute little guy. He loves rubbing his face to yours. Not quite comfy being held for a long time, but I'll work with him on that. Please let me know if you have any other or specific questions. But please rest assured he is in great hands with the two Daves.
Dave H and Dave C

Hi Suzy,
I emailed Sylvia but wanted you to know that all of them are adjusting
beautifully.  It was the right choice to take Cali and Sylvester.  They
entertain each other, eat together, sleep together, and Molly definitely
feels like the "top cat", probably because she is the only one allowed on
the bed!  Please let her previous owners know that she has a "forever home"
with me, and they can call or email me for updates and pics.  My sister and
I both said that these are three of the most gorgeous cats---healthy, good
energy, and lovable.

Thanks again for your time and all that you do to make a difference for the
"kritters" and the humans in their lives (smiles).

Lisa, Cali, Sylvester, and Molly

Oh my goodness.  Rajah came into our home and just started exploring.  She instantly started following us around.  She had about 5 minutes of anxiety.  After that she was more relaxed than I've ever seen a cat.  You would swear that she has lived here a very long time.  Your team clearly has socialized  this little girl.  Right now she is lying on our bed and grooming herself and purring and purring. 
I give all of you so much credit for the love that you have clearly shown our girl.....She just fell fast asleep tucked up against us.
Thank you for our little love.  I'll send you pictures.  You would laugh if you could see her right now.  Not a care in the world. 
Oh, one more funny thing.  We turned the TV on.  Chuck put it on Animal Planet....She just stared at it....lol.



Hi Suzy,
We wanted to let you know how well things are going with Petunia.  She is a loving, spunky little dynamo, who fits perfectly in our household.  Our bulldog Meatball seems to adore her.  He plays gently with her, and she seems to love to engage him.  We have been taking both dogs on long walks, and she never seems to wear out:)  She is also as snuggly as she is playful.  I know I said she was going to sleep in her crate, but she jumped up onto the bed and snuggled up next to me and passed out.  She slept there soundly all night.  She has the sweetest personality and is fearless.  She is already taking over our lives and our hearts.  She really is adding a lot to our family, and we simply adore her.  We will send pictures, as soon as we can get her to sit still long enough:)  Thank you so much for calling us and giving us a chance to become her forever family.  She is  truly loved. 

Happy Tails!

Grayson AKA Petey loves his little bed I got for him. Seems like his personality is starting to come out. He is SO affectionate…just rubbing himself on you and giving gentle headbutts. When Dave is walking Dillon I’ve taken him through rest of house to get familiar with his surroundings. He’s very inquisitive. He follows me around everywhere. Velcro cat!


Just wanted to let you know that Sweet Pea (or Sweetie as we call her now) has turned out to be the most wonderful sweet cat. She is so mellow and loving. She even puts up with my younger son and sleeps with him at night. Couldn't ask for a better kitty!
Thank you, Debbie R.

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There are no scheduled adoption fairs. Please visit again soon, because this information will be updated just as soon as scheduling arrangements have been made!

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Lynn Howe

You give him a kiss and glorify in the knowledge that you did your job well - he is safe and with a loving family. Letting go is as big of act of love as the saving. maybe more so.

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Cassie Reeves

Trust your heart... it won't lie to you! Glad he's getting adopted. Don't ask me how to say good-bye... if I knew how, I wouldn't have most of my beloved pets! They were all rescues that somehow stayed forever...

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